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October 20, 2022

We will be holding our 13th “Share the Warmth” clothing drive at SACS on Friday, November
4th, from 12-3pm and Saturday, November 5th from 9am-noon. This clothing drive has been a
HUGE success over the years and it has helped so many people in our community. THANK
YOU to everyone who has graciously donated clothing over the years and to the many
volunteers that continue to make the event a success. We could not do this without you!
Over the years, the community response for donations has been overwhelming and we have

learned many things from our experiences. For example, we have received bags of mis-
matched shoes, garbage within bags of clothing, and severely soiled and stained clothing

items. We want to continue to offer this service to the community but we need your help.
“Share the Warmth” is a clothing drive for everyone in our community. This is how it works;

(1) We accept unsoiled, unstained, new or barely worn, clean clothing items to include:
clothing of all sizes, shoes, coats, winter outdoor attire, and handbags/purses. PLEASE
NO TOYS OR HOME DÉCOR. We are asking that you please launder clothing
donated and label bags by size/gender (if possible) so that it makes it
easier for us to set up for this event.

(2) Drop off recently laundered items at SACS from Monday-Friday (starting Monday,
October 31st) between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm. If you have items to donate
and cannot make it during these times, please call me at 757-8206 to set up a more
convenient time. No donations will be accepted after November 4th.

(3) Come to SACS – Multipurpose room - on November 4th or 5th and take any/as many
items that you want. Please feel free to bring your own garbage bags to fill!

This is a FREE clothing drive. Times are hard and clothing and such items can be expensive.
Please share your warmth with others this year and do what you can to support the clothing
drive. Thank you in advance for your support with this initiative. (Your community thanks you
too!) Call the school with questions or if you need additional information.

Jessica Greene 
School Counselor