Individual Counseling- Offering short-term counseling services to K-5 students. Common topics include anxiety, depression, stress, home-life issues, anger, death of a loved one or pet, obsessions, meltdowns, social skills, poverty, coping skills, friendships and bullying, basic needs, hygiene, and any other concerns that parents or staff members request attention to.

Group Counseling- Group counseling is offered to students who can benefit from similar topics. The most popular topics include Zones of Regulation, Communication, and Social Groups.

Guidance Classes- Each K-5 class receives a guidance lesson at least once every two weeks. Please see below for the monthly theme!

September- Team Building/ Goal- Setting

October- Bullying Prevention Month

November- Bullying Cont. Kelso’s Choices

December- Empathy, Friendships

January- Drug Free (5th only), Nutrition/Wellness

February- Stress Management

March- Communication

April- Career Exploration

May- Career Exploration

June- Safety