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District, RSU 50 has one or more schools that participate in Special Provision II or Community
Eligible Provision. This alternative is referred to as Provision II or CEP. All students enrolled in
schools listed below may participate in the School Breakfast Program and the National School
Lunch Program at no charge. Household applications will be required for the base year (2022-
2023) to receive free meals this year but forms similar to applications may be distributed by the
school to collect household income data for other programs that require this information, such as
Federal Title programs. All students will be served breakfast and lunch at no charge at Southern
Aroostook Community School. For additional information please contact Gayle Glidden,

Studies show that children who are not hungry perform better in school. By providing both
breakfast and lunch at no cost to students, we are helping to create a better learning environment.
The school meals that we serve follow U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for healthy
school meals. The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs cannot succeed without your support;
please encourage your children to participate in the school meals programs.
The application requesting economic information supports many programs at our schools which
helps reduce the local tax.

 Please complete and return the forms. Only one per family is needed.