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Southern Aroostook Community High School Seniors received scholarship awards of over
$86,000 at their very memorable graduation ceremony held on Friday, June 10th at the So. Aroostook Community School Gymnasium. The graduation was well attended by family and friends and live streamed by So. Aroostook Technology Coordinator Todd Kuindersma.  Thank you to everyone who works and contributes to  the So. Aroostook High School Scholarship Program.  Here is a list of the students who received scholarship awards.

Ennara Billotti received a Katahdin Trust Company Scholarship

Hunter Burpee was awarded a Most Valued Student Elks Scholarship, a scholarship from
Onward Energy, scholarships from Dr. Ronald Blum, The Curry Family Giving Fund (in memory
of Joyce Curry), Houlton Regional Hospital Medical Staff, Island Falls Lakes Assoc. Canoe &
Kayak Race, Katahdin Federal Credit Union, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, Kirby Living Trust, S. H.
Nevers, Oakfield Alumni, James Odgers Memorial, Malcolm & Priscilla Palmer, “Pete” Porter
Memorial, Southern Aroostook Education Trust, the Vining Family and SACS Scholarship
Program. Hunter also received a scholarship from the Aroostook Youth Basketball League.

Christopher Caswell received an award from Les McNally.

Brianna Daggett: Received the Onward Energy Scholarship, the Tyler/Grand Maison MELMAC
Scholarship, Maine Blue Collar Workers Scholarship, Maine Sports Legends Scholarship, Kelly A.
Greene Memorial Scholarship, a Curry Giving Fund Scholarship (in memory of Joyce Curry), a
Malcolm & Priscilla Palmer Scholarship, Kirby Living Trust Scholarship, Bates Fuel Scholarship, Russell Crandall Memorial, Sally Cyr Memorial, Edwards Family Scholarship, Houlton Rotary Scholarship, Island Falls Alumni, Scholarship, Katahdin Federal Credit Union Scholarship, Lorrie McLaughlin Memorial, VAJOWA Scholarship, Vining Family Scholarship, York’s of Houlton Scholarship, “Pete” Porter Memorial Scholarship, RSU 50 Education Assoc. Scholarship and a scholarship from the SACS Scholarship Program.

Samantha Desrosier was awarded the Arthur Briggs Memorial Scholarship, Charlotte Benn
McDonald Scholarship, Bev Clark Memorial Scholarship, Alice and Peter Cullinan Memorial,
Houlton Regional Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship, Oakfield Alumni Scholarship and the Phil
Sherman Memorial Scholarship.

Esther Greene received the DAR Good Citizenship Award, a Curry Giving Fund Scholarship (in
memory of Joyce Curry), Sally Cyr Memorial, Alice and Peter Cullinan Scholarship, F. A. Peabody
Scholarship, David Ryan Memorial Scholarship, Kirby Living Trust award, Malcolm & Priscilla
Palmer Scholarship, “Pete” Porter Memorial Scholarship, Paul F. Sherman Memorial
Scholarship, Southern Aroostook Educational Trust, The Slice Restaurant Scholarship, a Vining
Family Scholarship and an award from the Southern Aroostook Scholarship Program.

Maggie Harthorne received the Ricker College Scholarship, the George Mitchell Scholarship, an
Early College Certificate from the University of Maine, Shampooches Grooming Salon
Scholarship, Kelly A. Greene Memorial Scholarship and the Patric J. Sherman Memorial
Scholarship. Maggie also received scholarships from: the Bartlett Family, Dead River Company,
the Vining Family, Maryann Sprague Edwards Memorial, Jarrica Rose Emery Memorial, Kirby
Living Trust, Southern Aroostook Educational Trust and a SACS Scholarship Program

Cheyenne Lane was awarded the Diane Desmond Memorial Scholarship, Ted Friel Memorial
Scholarship, Oakfield Alumni Scholarship, RSU 50 Education Assoc. Scholarship and a
scholarship from SACS Scholarship Program.

Jordyn Legassey received a scholarships from Gary and Karen Stairs, Jerry’s Foodstore, S. H.
Nevers, the Vining Family, and the Jenny MacKenzie Memorial Scholarship.

Laura Lyons received an Anonymous Alumni Scholarship and scholarships from Community
Living Association, The Curry Giving Fund, Island Falls Alumni, S. H. Nevers, Malcolm and
Priscilla Palmer, Philip L. Powers Trust, Jacob and Arthur Shur Memorial, The Vining Family, and the SACS Scholarship Program.

Christopher Mitchell was awarded the Zachary Bearor & Makayla Calaman Memorial by Diana Rockwell.

Julia Murray was awarded a Curry Giving Fund Scholarship (in memory of Joyce Curry), the
Jarrica Rose Emery Memorial Scholarship, Island Falls Alumni Scholarship, Katahdin Club
Scholarship, Katahdin Trust Company Scholarship, Malcolm and Priscilla Palmer Scholarship,
Sally Cyr Memorial Scholarship, and a Southern Aroostook Scholarship Fund Scholarship.

Ethan Webb received scholarships from Island Falls Fishing Derby, Jerry’s Foodstore, Katahdin
Federal Credit Union, Malcolm, and Priscilla Palmer Scholarship and a Southern Aroostook
Scholarship Fund Scholarship.