Southern Aroostook

Week Four:

Winter Carnival Week!  

Our school is scored based on our participation percentile. 

Monday, February 7th

Tuesday, February 8th

Wednesday, February 9th

Thursday, February 10th

Friday, February 11th


Each classroom makes a Winter Carnival Promotion Poster and hangs it up.  Mrs. Williams will do the posters in guidance class.  

*Winter Carnival for grades 3-5*

*Winter Carnival Madlib*

*Winter Carnival for grades K-2*

*Parade of Flags*

Activities to be done at School

The big snow bank will be made into a podium during recess time. Mr. Pelletier will supervise the building during recess and Mrs. Lawlor will take her class out during Power Hour. The podium will be three levels to represent bronze, silver and gold. Snow paint will be used to make Winter Kids and school designs. 

See Winter Carnival Schedule for grades 3-5. 

Students will do their Mad Lib in their classroom. 

See Winter Carnival Schedule for grades K-2. 

The Parade of Flags will be part of our closing ceremony at 9:30 Friday morning. This will be outside and MS/HS will be invited to cheer us on.  This will allow us time during the rest of the day to make our final video clip. Everyone will wear school colors. 

Activities to be done at Home

Going for the 4’s

-3 non-teaching groups will participate and take pictures. 

-Snack Pal Badge- 

At Winter Carnival stomp out a path and play follow the leader or play footprint tag.

-Thank you cards to MMG for being a WinterKids sponsor.

-Highlight Reel Submission.