RSU 50 News

May 24, 2021 

Dear Staff and Families, 

Throughout the year, RSU 50 has followed the guidance of the Maine CDC and Maine Department of Education with respect to COVID-19 health and safety measures.  On May 13, the office of Governor Mills announced that effective May 24, Maine will:

  • lift all capacity limits and requirements to physically distance in all public outdoor settings.

  • lift all capacity limits in public indoor venues. Physical distancing requirements are also eliminated, except in settings where people are eating or drinking and therefore would be removing their face covering – such as indoor restaurants, bars, dining areas in camps or in congregate living facilities, and break rooms.

The same guidance also indicated that the Maine Department of Education will separately update school-based protocols.  Last week, the Maine Department of Education updated their school guidance which removes all social distancing requirements for adults.  Additionally the DOE is no longer requiring schools to mandate face mask wearing outdoors for staff or students; however, schools can choose to keep outdoor face mask mandates if they so choose. 

Earlier this morning, we met with school administrators and our school nurse to discuss this information. In that conversation, we reflected on the fact that since day one, we have always followed the recommendations of the Maine CDC and the Maine DOE.  We also reflected that student and staff behavior at home or in the community does not match what is currently happening at school. Based on this, our team is in consensus that if the Maine CDC and Maine DOE support no social distancing and no mask wearing outdoors, we will, as well.  

Beginning tomorrow, May 25, 2021, students and staff will no longer be required to social distance and wear a face covering when outdoors. This includes, but is not limited to: outdoor classrooms, outdoor events, recess, and athletic games. All indoor mask requirements remain in place at this time, which includes school buildings, school offices, buses and other school vehicles.

It is important to RSU 50 that we support the easing of restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic while also maintaining our health, safety and contact-tracing efforts. We also encourage all parents to consider vaccinating their 12 and older children against COVID-19. Parents are encouraged to watch this informational video hosted by the Maine DOE. If you are interested in securing a vaccine for your child, please contact the RSU 50 school nurse, Kathy Chamberland, and she will help guide you.  Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe as we begin the journey back to normal. 


Jon Porter

RSU 50 Superintendent/Middle & High School Principal