The Southern Aroostook After School Program runs from 2:30-4:30 Monday-Thursday. Elementary students have 30 minutes everyday of physical activity when school is done. They then enjoy a healthy snack. Homework lab gives students an opportunity to receive help on work from the day and practice math or reading skills using IXL. A variety of clubs are provided the last hour including cooking, art, legos, science, and Kid’s Choice!

Middle and high school students also have snacks but immediately begin their homework lab at 2:30. English, math, history and science teachers are always available to assist anyone in their work. Clubs include drama, photography, art, youth club, weight lifting, community service projects, cooking and many more!


ASP starts every afternoon with a healthy snack for all participants. At the end of the school day, students need to refuel and recharge. A healthy snack is the best way to do this. We follow snack with a quick energizing activity.


Moving and being active stimulates the neurons that fire in the brain. Children are built to move! That’s why our program begins with 25 minutes of outdoor play. Having this time of unstructured play is like handing them a reset button, allowing them to come back refreshed and able funnel new energy into homework or other structured activities on the agenda.


One of the main components of ASP is homework help. There is a scheduled time each day for students to receive help. Staff is available to help a group of students or work with individuals. The time is scheduled right after school so that teachers are available to offer guidance to individual students. If students need extra time, they have the option of staying in homework lab rather than joining a club.


The clubs that we offer in the after school program are designed to give students access to activities that they may not get in the course of a regular day. They are designed to broaden the scope of student learning. Students are encouraged to join clubs on a regular basis. Some clubs are offered periodically throughout the year, while others are offered year round. We have many teachers who offer to coordinate clubs and some community members who come in to volunteer their time and talents. Clubs are designed to be fun and educational.


Ski 4 Life Big Rock Mountain

Splash Pad in Presque Isle

Golden Ridge Farm

Mars Hill Mountain

Treworgy Family Orchards

Blackbeard’s in Bangor

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Penobscot Theater

Smyrna Historical Society

Bog Walk in Bangor

Nature Walk in Houlton

Planning many more!!